The main idea behind TaxPrepFree.com is to provide a helpful resource for people to learn more about doing their own taxes. Let’s face it, taxes are confusing! Try as they might, the IRS has yet to come up with a way to make doing your taxes any less painful. For years, I paid big bucks for an accountant to do my taxes. Looking back, I think the only benefit to that was that my accountant got to drive a newer, shinier car than me.

About eight years ago (in an effort to save a few bucks) I decided to try one of those seasonal tax prep places… you know, the one with the “green block.” Don’t get me wrong, they were friendly enough, but I quickly realized that my preparer knew about as much about taxes I did. The guy was just asking me questions as prompted by the software he was using. That’s when I decided to give tax software a try on my own the next year. The rest is history!

Being self-employed, my taxes have only gotten more complicated, but the tax software available on the market has only gotten smarter. Thus far, I have yet to run into a tax situation that I haven’t been able to address.

I hope that the information I’ve gathered together is helpful in making the switch to doing your own taxes, whether this is your 10th year of employment or your 1st.

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