Check all that apply:
I have (or will get) a W2 from my employer(s)
I have a home mortgage
I have childcare or medical expenses
I donated items to charity
I am self employed, own a business, am a partner in a business, or am a 1099 contractor
I cashed out a retirement account or sold stocks
I own rental or investment property

Tax Software

More Americans than ever are choosing to use tax software (both installed tax programs and online tax software) to do their taxes. Gone are the days where doing your taxes meant picking up what paper tax forms you needed and struggling to figure out what figures went where on the tax forms, what tax deductions you could take, and you had to wait six weeks or more to get your tax refund in the mail.

Those days are thankfully long gone. Now there are all sorts of tax software options to choose from! For years, TurboTax has dominated the tax software market with tax programs that you install on your home computer. They now have online tax software that you can use right from their web site without having to install anything on your computer. H&R Block now offers their own online tax software: "H&R Block at Home". This online tax application has quickly become a top contender in the online tax preparation market and has become the choice of millions who already trust the H&R Block name for tax prep.

These powerful online tax software options make filing your taxes a breeze on the Internet. Tax prep software/sites help by guiding you through your taxes step-by-step, asking you simple questions in plain English (much like you would in person with an accountant), and use your answers to fill in your tax forms accurately. Online tax file software will automatically include all the forms you need for your particular tax situation, and most offer free support from tax experts, tax professionals, and online communities.

Online tax software also offers the fastest way to get your tax refund. The software allows you to file your taxes directly with the IRS, which means you can get your refund in as little as 7 days from when you file (when you opt for direct deposit). This year, you should really try tax software!